Sharks play an essential rol in the health of our oceans

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Outrage about slaughtered whale shark… but that was not the only one!

Horrifying footage showed a whaleshark being slaughtered in a Chinese market, much to the delight of several onlookers, who made selfies and posed with the […]

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South Africa Incident Sparks Interest in Dutch Sharks!

The incident with pro-surfer Mick Fanning in South Africa (read more here) who bumpted into a great white shark, that got entangled in his foot […]

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Sharkatag 2015 – an overview

Sharkatag 2015 was a success: with a total of 80 tagged starry smooth-hounds, 2 tope sharks and 9 common stingrays (for which their is no […]

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Hanging out with sharks

Remoras, also called sucker fish, are often seen with many species of sharks. They swim near the shark or catch a ride as they attach themselves to […]

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An absolute first: eversion of the spiral valve in a wild shark

When Dutch Shark Society Photographer Peter Verhoog, specialized in (elasmobranch) research photography, made a dive in South African False Bay, with some of his favorite […]

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Wanted – dead or alive?

Sharks can be worth much more when they are alive, as this infographic by Pew Charitable Trusts shows. It is a saddening thought, that the […]

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A great threat to sharks – and our oceans

Commercial fishing, whether it is gill netting; trawling, purse seining or long-lining- always has varying degrees of by-catch, amounting to anywhere from 60-90% of the total […]

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Kick-off ‘De BeestenBende’ in Velsen

De BeestenBende is an organisation that organises kids to clean up garbage. Because the kids in Velsen will also be cleaning up the beach, they […]

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Are you eating shark without knowing it?

You could be eating shark meat and not know it. So why should you bother? After all, fish is fish and why should sharks be […]

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Where have all the sharks gone?

  Our ocean still holds many secrets. Regularly, new species are discovered. Also species of sharks. And there could be more sharks ‘on the way’. […]

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