Sharks play an essential rol in the health of our oceans

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Are sharks socializing?

Many shark species live in groups, like  grey reef sharks that aggregate in groups of females, and scalloped hammerheads (Sphyrna lewini) that swim in schools. […]

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Which shark and ray species are most endangered? A sad gallery…

There has been a lot of publicity about shark culling in West Australia, Isle de la Réunion and Seychelles. And rightfully so. But the populations […]

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Mysterious Travels by Tagged Tigers

In Australia, the government has started to cull sharks of 3 meter or longer with baited drum lines. But these sharks are not Australian, they […]

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Baby talk

We do not yet know much about the reproductive strategies of sharks and rays. Sharks have probably been very successful through the evolution because they […]

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Elephant what??? Meet the elephant shark

The elephant shark is a relic of a bygone age, sometimes called a living fossil, a creature alive today that has changed little since it […]

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Have tag, will travel!

Galeorhinus galeus is a hound shark of the family Triakidae, the only member of the genus Galeorhinus. Common names include school shark, tope shark, soupfin […]

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What did we do in 2013??

  After working abroad we returned to the Netherlands, and discovered that the number of Dutch Sharks is increasing. And so are the ‘shark myths’: […]

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Meet Dorien!

From January 1st, 2014, our team will be joined by Dorien Schröder. Dorien has experience in shark research and education, and we are happy to […]

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Designing a New Submarine? Look at Stingrays!

Many of us have the privilege of watching stingrays moving: maybe on television or actually in the water during a dive (and if you have […]

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About crocodiles and sharks – who gets the blame?

A few years ago, on a dive boat on the North Sea, one of our fellow divers, who is also an avid recreational angler, told […]

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