Sharks play an essential rol in the health of our oceans

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Be Shark Smart – always!

In Hawaii, there have been nine incidents with shark last year. In Réunion, there have been several fatalities. South Africa sees regular interactions with swimmers, […]

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How much does a whale shark cost?

In the Philippines and in Papua New Guinea, communities can benefit from whale shark ecotourism. But each country has its own culture and attitudes… Not […]

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Dutch sharks love to travel!

The Dutch have always sailed the world, and research has indicated that Dutch sharks are travelers too. Well, Dutch… maybe just European! This year, the first […]

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Did you know? Sharks that live in fresh waters only!

The bull shark (Carcharchinus Leucas) is known to swim in rivers, but it always returns to sea. But there are actually sharks, that  live in […]

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Want to know about sharks? Ask for a presentation!

There are many misconceptions about shark: they have a bad reputation, and sometimes negative media attention makes it even worse. Sharks are essential predators in […]

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Research made visible: Sharkatag photo report

In 2010 Sportvisserij Nederland, the Dutch recreational angling union, and IMARES Wageningen (Institute for Marine Resources & Ecosystem Studies) started a research project, focused on […]

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Sharkatag is here again!

This summer brings us a new edition of Sharkatag –  in Scotland and the Netherlands!   In Scotland, Sharkatag takes place around mid summer, from […]

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Sharks in the Dark: Conservation of Deep Sea Sharks

Charismatic large sharks like great whites, tigers and bulls are the sharks that get most attention and make headlines. But there are around 450 species […]

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Ghost Fishing Team Recovers Shark Eggs

Our partner organisation the Ghost Fishing Foundation set up an excellent clean-up project in Croatia on the MS Argo (watch the wonderful video trailer of […]

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Whale shark tagging made visible

Peter Verhoog of the Dutch Shark Society accompanied Dr. Mark Meekan and his team during a research expedition on Ningaloo Reef (check out our blog […]

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