Sharks play an essential rol in the health of our oceans

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Porbeagle sharks travel a long way!

The porbeagle shark is an important component of the Northeast Atlantic ecosystem, but the species is vulnerable to population depletion due to its complicated lifecycle […]

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Sharks need showers too!

Well, not really showers… but they need to be cleaned! The Australian Marine Conservation Society made an urgent appeal yesterday: Past the Barrier Reef out […]

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26 Scottish shark species now protected!

The tope shark, as the commercial sector are now prohibited from catching them, joins the common skate and porbeagle in having the highest levels of […]

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Sharks in Breede River now protected!

Yesterday, the South African Shark Conservancywas pleased to announce that – after 3 years of hard work & lobbying – the Minister of Fisheries from […]

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New Shark Reserve in the Cook Islands

The Cook Islands declared their waters a shark sanctuary on December 12, 2012. “We are proud as Cook Islanders to provide our entire exclusive economic […]

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Plugged In: Shark Fetuses Detect Predators’ Electric Fields

Baby sharks still developing within leathery egg cases can sense the electric fields of predators and freeze in place to avoid detection, researchers say. These […]

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Slaughtering whalesharks in India continues

In India, the whale shark has protected status. Unfortunately, whale sharks are still killed and landed. As long as there is a market for flesh […]

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Sharkfin soup: a serious health risk

Sharkfins contain heavy metals. That makes sharkfin soup a very unhealthy treat. The consumption of sharkfin soup is however increasing. Why? In the last decade, […]

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Watch… and shiver… finning in Mozambique

Saving sharks and rays¬† is all about protection education. It is also necessary, to offer local people an alternative livelihood. And to educate consumers about […]

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Two new ray species discovered in the Amazon

Two new species of freshwater stingray have been discovered in the Amazon rain forest. They both look like pancakeswith noses, as images of the species […]

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