Sharks play an essential rol in the health of our oceans

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First ever recorded parthenogenesis in a ray!

Parthenogenesis, from the Greek meaning “virgin birth” is an odd quirk of embryonic development that allows female animals of some species to give rise to […]

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Sharkatag 2014!!!

This year’s edition of Sharkatag was nearly cancelled because of bad weather, but fortunately, it all cleared up! This was the fourth year of shark […]

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Manta rays in big trouble

High fishing pressure due to increased demand for mobulid ray gills results in a large number of manta and mobula being landed on a daily […]

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The epic 4000 km journey of a tiger shark – and why culling sharks is such a bad idea!

Tiger sharks, like many other sharks, migrate. Migration patterns has been tracked worldwide, for instance in the Coral Sea between New Caledonia and the Great […]

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The ragged tooth shark – cannibalism revealed!

by Dorien Schröder, Dutch Shark Society The sand tiger shark, or ragged-tooth shark (Carcharias taurus) is also known as the grey nurse shark or sand […]

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Shark diving… has changed!

  By Peter Verhoog, Dutch Shark Society’s staff photographer. I can admit it… I love shark diving. Observing these great creatures is a delight. And […]

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Sharklab Malta: Saving Sharks in the Med – and you can help!

Sharklab Malta is a registered NGO in Malta and is a non-profit voluntary organisation dedicated to research, education and raising greater awareness about all Elasmobranch […]

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No, sharks are NOT coming after us, they are just migrating as usual…

Whether sharks migrate or not depends to a large degree on temperature and seasonal changes, reproduction, and food sources. Reproduction: Sharks, like many other animals, […]

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The Tale of the Sharks

Text: Dorien Schröder, Dutch Shark Society Recently a paper was published showing that the structures supporting fossil shark’s gills more closely resemble those of modern-day […]

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Sharks are smooth swimmers – the secret of shark skin

Sharks have a torpedo shape, covered in rough sandpapery skin. This gives sharks their highly efficient swimming abilities, and scientists finally understand why. A shark’s […]

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