Sharks play an essential rol in the health of our oceans

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Sharkatag – Anglers for Sharks

This summer brings us a new edition of Sharkatag –  in Scotland and the Netherlands!     In Scotland, Sharkatag takes place around mid summer, […]

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Where do whale sharks breed?

Whale sharks are fascinating creatures. The whale shark is one of only three filter-feeding sharks (the other two are the basking and megamouth shark).It is […]

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‘CSI for sharks’ – DNA research and the shark fin trade

In the shark fin trade it is important to know the origin of sharks fins: which species and populations are most affected? This is possible […]

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All sawfish species are near extinct – so if you see one… report it

awfishes are one of the most threatened families of marine fishes in the world. They were historically present throughout tropical and sub-tropical coastal waters of […]

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Total allowable catches – why and how?

According to the European Union, total allowable catches (TACs) are catch limits that are set for most significant commercial fish stocks. TACs are proposed by […]

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Blue sharks: open ocean roamers

Finding a meal in the vast emptiness of the open ocean is not easy. It is assumed that blue sharks (Prionace glauca) rely on hearing […]

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