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26 Scottish shark species now protected!

The tope shark, as the commercial sector are now prohibited from catching them, joins the common skate and porbeagle in having the highest levels of protection in Scottish waters.

It was previously reported that the Scottish Government was looking to increase the protection of 26 species of Scottish sharks. The necessary Statutory Instrument (SI) has now been created. T his will prohibit all catching, in boarding and landing except for catch-and-release by rod and line of the following species: Angel shark, Birdbeak dogfish , Black dogfish, Blackmouth catshark, Common skate, Deep-water catsharks, Frilled shark, Greater lanternshark, Greenland shark, Gulper shark, Knifetooth dogfish, Leafscale gulper shark, Longnose velvet dogfish, Mouse catshark, Porbeagle, Portuguese dogfish, Sailfin roughshark, Six-gilled shark, Smooth lanternshark, Spurdog, Undulate ray, Velvet belly, White shark, White skate, Kitefin shark and Tope shark.

It means vulnerable species of sharks, skates and rays in Scottish waters will have protection over and above that under EU legislation; hopefully this will encourage the EU to step up to the mark and extend similar protection for them in all European waters. It would be great if all European shark species in all European waters (and even beyond!) could have this protected status!


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