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Blonde ray

Raja brachyura


PeterVerhoogDSS_Blonde_Raja brachyura adult female

Blonde Ray, adult female, picture by Peter Verhoog

The blonde stingray is a member of the genus of the skates (Rajidae) and the order of the skates and rays( Rajaformes).


The blonde ray lives on and and sand-rock bottoms and feeds on all kinds of benthic animals. Adult individuals have a white underside and a prickly upperface, with 40-45 thorns and numerous small dark spots. Juveniles do not have thorns.


The blonde ray is oviparous, deposits eggs in sandy or muddy flats: oblong capsules with stiff pointed horns at the corners. Egg capsules are 10.0-14.3 cm long and 5.8-9.0 cm wide, females lay about 40-90 eggs every year.


  • Maximum length: 125 cm
  • Maximum weight:  14,5 kg
  • Maximum lifespan: ? years
  • Habitat: 10 to 380 meter depth
  • Catches: Targeted fisheries in areas where it is locally abundant and taken as a bycatch in mixed demersal fisheries, and in recreational fisheries as well. Frequently landed in Portgual, and caught as part of the bycatch of the semi industrial (Spain) and artisanal (Morocco and Greece) fisheries with bottom trawls, gill nets and long lines.
  • Status: ‘Near Threatened’ on the international IUCN Red List (






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