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Netherlands: Recreational Anglers Contribute to Shark Action Plan

In  2009 , the Netherlands launched the Shark Action Plan, a collaboration between several organisations: Foundation De Noordzee, Shark Alliance, World Widlife Fund, the Waddenvereniging, Department of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Fishers and Sportvisserij Nederland, the recreational National Angling Union. The main objective of the Shark Action Plan is to collected more knowledge and data about shark fisheries, shark species and their influence on the ecosystem of the North Sea. This knowledge could be used to establish a sustainable shark fishery. You can read more (in Dutch) on:


Sharkatag wordt ook in 2013 gehouden!

Sportvisserij Nederland is aiming to gain more knowledge about the distribution and migratin of an interesting species, that seems to recover in the past few years: the starry smooth hound (see also our species page in the North Sea. The smooth hounds were tagged, to get more insight in the distribution of this species.


Zoekkaart haaien en roggen, te koop bij Sportvisserij Nederland


The Union set-up the tagging program SharkaTag for the first time in 2012, and tagged near 700 sharks. Ten ships left from Neeltje Jans, full of avid anglers who had received proper instructions in the handling of sharks. Sharkatag will also be executed in 2013, and our own photographger  Peter Verhoog will focus on documenting the sharks caught. We will keep you informed!!


For shark and ray fans, Sportvisserij Nederland published a great determination chart, for sale in the webshop (

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