Hunting For Fossils At Shark Tooth Island, NC

If you’re searching for the best beaches in the world to find fossilized shark teeth, you may have come across the enticingly named Shark Tooth Island in North Carolina.  With such an incredible title, you might reasonably ask if this is a place you must visit or if the name is all for show. Shark … Read more

Is There A Venomous Shark? Meet The Spiny Dogfish

Is There A Venomous Shark Meet The Spiny Dogfish

For most people, their fear of sharks comes from being bitten by the animal’s sharp teeth. But did you know that certain species have evolved the ability to deliver a painful poison? The most well-known example of a venomous shark, the spiny dogfish, has two venom-producing spines, one in front of each dorsal fin. If … Read more

What Are Sharks Afraid Of?

What Are Sharks Afraid Of

It’s easy to think of sharks only as the fearless killers portrayed in the media. But it seems that even these fearless apex predators are sometimes…afraid. Sharks may avoid loud noises and bright colors, which can signal danger or disrupt the dark environment they’re used to. They may also avoid certain foods if they associate … Read more

Are Sharks Really Afraid Of Dolphins?

Are Sharks Really Afraid Of Dolphins

While some believe that sharks are afraid of dolphins, research(1) suggests that they generally do not interact much in the wild. Dolphins may harass or even attack sharks, especially if they’re competing for the same prey. Dolphins are intelligent and use their speed, agility, and teamwork to fend off sharks, but sharks only attack when … Read more

Yes, There Are Sharks In Sarasota Bay, Florida

Yes, There Are Sharks In Sarasota Bay, Florida

Whether you’re planning on kayaking, standup paddle boarding, swimming, or participating in any of the other watersports the area is famous for, this article is here to answer your questions and concerns about sharks in Sarasota Bay. Yes, Sarasota Bay hosts diverse species of sharks, including Blacktip, Blacknose, Atlantic Sharpnose, Bonnethead, Scalloped Hammerhead, Nurse, Lemon, … Read more

Are There Sharks In Kauai?

Are There Sharks In Kauai

Kauai has more beaches than any other Hawaiian island, so if you’re planning a vacation, you’ll undoubtedly be looking forward to enjoying yourself next to or in the ocean. As a popular destination for swimming and water-related activities, many visitors wonder whether the waters surrounding the island are home to one of the sea’s most … Read more

Are There Sharks In Destin, Florida?

Are There Sharks In Destin, Florida

Are there sharks in Destin, Florida? Yes, there are sharks in Destin, Florida, as the Gulf of Mexico is home to various species of sharks. However, the chances of encountering them while swimming are low. Numerous shark species live naturally in the Gulf of Mexico, making Destin a top-rated shark-fishing destination. However, before you get … Read more

Are There (Bull) Sharks In Lake Erie?

Are There (Bull) Sharks In Lake Erie

You might have heard rumors that freshwater sharks, particularly the predatory bull shark, live in Lake Erie.  However, simply put, there aren’t any sharks living in Lake Erie.  At first glance, it’s reasonable to believe stories that freshwater-tolerant sharks could live in the Great Lakes of North America. After all, they’re vast bodies of water … Read more