Great White Shark Facts

The great white shark is one of the most universally feared creatures in the world. Its intimidating size and powerful bite have captivated the collective human imagination, turning it from a formidable predator into a cold-blooded killer.  Despite its reputation, great whites rarely attack humans, and when they do, it’s most probably a case of … Read more

Are Blacktip Sharks Dangerous To Humans?

Are Blacktip Sharks Dangerous To Humans

There are two types of blacktip sharks, both relatively timid species that seldom pose a serious threat to humans.  The blacktip reef shark, or Carcharhinus melanopterus, prefers shallow water and is commonly seen around tropical coral reefs in the Pacific and the Indian Ocean.  The blacktip shark, also known as the Carcharhinus limbatus, frequents coastal tropical and … Read more

Is The Killer Whale a Shark, Whale, Or Dolphin?

Is The Killer Whale a Shark

With its 3-inch-long teeth and phenomenal hunting skills, the killer whale, or orca, is one of the ocean’s apex predators.  They’re so terrifying that even great white sharks stay well out of their way, abandoning their hunting grounds the moment a killer whale appears.  This predatory behavior aligns them with the shark, while their name … Read more

How Does a Snorkel Work Underwater?

How Does a Snorkel Work Underwater

If we never step foot in the ocean, we deny ourselves access to over 70% of the world’s wonders. Swimmers and surfers only see the surface of these immense seas, leaving the kaleidoscopic underwater world for snorkelers and divers to enjoy. While diving involves a lot of complex equipment and training, almost anyone can enjoy … Read more

How Long Can Free Divers Hold Their Breath?

How Long Can Free Divers Hold Their Breath

When watching the shark cage diving movie, 47 Meters Down, I held my breath for what seemed like the entire duration of the film. If that were true, however, I would have suffered seizures and possible brain damage. In reality, I only held my breath for a minute or two, which is about how long most … Read more

What to Wear Under a Wetsuit?

What to Wear Under a Wetsuit

Whether paddle boarding, scuba diving, surfing, or just swimming, a wetsuit allows you to tolerate cold water for longer, giving you more time to enjoy the water and your favorite pastime. Finding the right type of wetsuit for your chosen sport is only the first step and many beginners struggle with the question of what … Read more

Do You Need to Know Swimming for Snorkeling?

Do You Need to Know Swimming for Snorkeling

Do you need to know how to swim when you want to go snorkeling? Snorkeling is one of the best ways to witness marine life in its natural habitat. Unlike scuba diving, snorkeling requires minimal equipment and can be done in almost any body of water. It opens up a colorful, underwater world that we … Read more

Why is Venice Florida Shark Tooth Capital Of The World?

Why is Venice Florida Shark Tooth Capital Of The World?

You can find shark teeth on almost any beach in the world, but few offer as many of these fossilized treasures as Venice Beach, Florida. Hunting for shark teeth is a popular pastime that combines the thrill of a treasure hunt with the delights of the coast.  People search for fossilized shark teeth all along … Read more

What Does a Shark Tooth Symbolize?

What Does a Shark Tooth Symbolize?

Sharks dominate our oceans with their formidable power. As apex predators, they have been tyrannizing the sea for 400 million years. Humans admire and fear these creatures in equal parts, and sharks have long been the subject of myths and stories passed down through the ages. Of all the characteristics we associate with sharks, their … Read more