Are There Sharks in Dubai?

Dubai is known for its unbeatable shopping malls, extreme heat, vibrant culture, and golden, sandy beaches. It is home to people from all over the world, with the bulk of its population comprising ex-pats.  It’s not only people who flock to its crystal clear waters – sharks also pop in from time to time, and … Read more

Are There Sharks in Spain?

are there sharks in spain?

It’s summer 2023, and you, like thousands of others, have headed to Spain to soak up some sun and splash in the waves.  You spent months planning and organizing the trip and thought you’d covered everything. When you reach the ocean, you suddenly realize you never asked anyone, “Are there dangerous sharks in Spain?” Given … Read more

Are there Sharks in the North Sea?

are there sharks in the north sea?

The North Sea is notoriously treacherous, with its swift currents and cold temperatures, but that doesn’t stop people from enjoying its spiritual and physical benefits.  A survey conducted by students at the Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences found that around 55% of respondents like swimming in the North Sea, even though they would rather not … Read more

Are There Sharks in Corfu?

are there sharks in cofu?

If you’re planning a trip to Corfu, you’re probably hoping to spend most of your time in the sea, which might prompt you to ask, “Does Corfu have sharks?”  Yes, there are sharks in Corfu, Greece. If you are lucky, you will spot blacktip reef sharks, blue sharks, spiny dogfish, and maybe basking sharks if … Read more

Save The Ocean By Supporting These 11 Ocean Charities

Save The Ocean By Supporting These 11 Ocean Charities

The ocean dominates our planet, covering over 70% of Earth and generating almost all its oxygen. They are critical for life on earth, regulating the climate and absorbing up to 50% of the carbon dioxide humans produce by burning fossil fuels. Despite their importance, only “8% of the world’s oceans are protected.” Ocean conservation is the best … Read more

What Is The White Foam In The Ocean?

What Is The White Foam In The Ocean

Sea water isn’t pure like fresh water. It contains lots of tiny particles that, when agitated, create a soapy substance known as sea foam. This natural phenomenon occurs throughout the world, although the circumstances that cause it form vary from region to region.  Sea foam is generally a sign of a healthy ocean but, in … Read more

How Deep Is The Ocean Floor In Each Ocean?

how deep is the ocean floor

Our oceans cover 70% of the Earth’s surface and contain diverse ecosystems that sustain a diversity of other-worldly creatures and other life forms. At its deepest point, the ocean’s water pressure is so extreme it would theoretically dissolve bone, making it impossible for any vertebrates to survive. Few humans have ever seen the deepest part … Read more

How Many Sharks Are Killed A Year?

How Many Sharks Are Killed A Year?

There are around one billion sharks in our oceans, representing 400 to 500 different species. That might sound like a lot, but there used to be a lot more. According to some, “only 10% of the sharks remain on the ocean,” and we’re still hunting them.  While decisions like those made at the Convention on … Read more

How Do Sharks Hunt?

How Do Sharks Hunt

Sharks have been evolving for millions of years and, in that time, have perfected the art of predation. However, there are hundreds of different species of shark, each of which has its own hunting techniques and strategies.  Some sharks, like the whale shark, eat tiny organisms known as plankton, which requires a very different hunting … Read more