Sharks play an essential rol in the health of our oceans


Can sharks really make movies??

The first underwater picture made of a great white shark with a crittercam on its dorsal fin! / © Peter Verhoog


What do wild animals do when we’re not around? What does a shark actually do under water, or while hunting of prey? The National Geographic’s Crittercam Team tries to find the answer, and has in the meantime made many videos.  Or actually: had them made by a.o.  sharks. Crittercams help to solve scientific mysteries and the footage made helps to protect the very animals that wear them.

The team produced a number of shark videos, for instance this fascinating video about whalesharks swimming with tourists. How do the whalesharks react to this?


And Dutch Shark Society photographer Peter Verhoog was there when the team attached a crittercam to a great white shark! You can see the pictures in our section Media Pictures!

You can watch more shark crittercam videos at

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