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Basking sharks in Europe: tagging projects continued this year – and you can help!

The fishery for basking sharks goes back as far as 1700s, both in Norwegian, Irish and Scottish waters. Catches declined rapidly, but the last UK […]

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Are sharks the problem? Or are we?

In Australia, South Africa and other places, people often have impression that the number of sharks and shark ‘attacks’ is on the rise. Every encounter […]

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CITES: what’s happening right now?

The day before yesterday, CITES issued the message, that the The People’s Republic of China has only taken out reservations on Appendix III shark species, […]

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Why sharks will never need a dentist

Unlike humans, sharks are luckily enough to have several rows of teeth, that continue growing during their whole lifetime along the inside of the jaw¬†until […]

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Ever seen a sawshark?

The sawsharks (Pristiophoriformes) are an order of sharks with long snouts, lined with teeth, used to slash and disable their prey, that is found in […]

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Ocean Tracking Network: global tracking of sharks, rays and many other sea creatures

Conservation is always a joint effort. Protecting a species in one country is useless when it is slaughtered in another one. Protecting adult individuals will […]

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Egypt to probe illegal shark hunting

Egypt has long been the ‘diving backyard’ of European divers, who go there to look at the reefs. Further South, there used to be a […]

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New restrictions hit Hong Kong Shark Fin Traders

Hong Kong has traditionally handled around half of all global trade, exporting most fins to mainland China where they are considered a rare delicacy. Now […]

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Grand Cayman: Feeding of stingrays alters behaviour

Southern stingrays, Dasyatis americana, have been provided supplemental food in ecotourism operations at Stingray stingray City Sandbar (SCS), Grand Cayman since 1986, with this site […]

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CITES listed sharks: free shark fin identification guide on line

During the last CITES Convention of Parties in Bangkok, the porbeagle, oceanic whitetip and hammerhead sharks were listed in Annex II (for more information see […]

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