Sharks play an essential rol in the health of our oceans

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‘(Whale)shark tourism’: a blessing?

Tan-awan, in the southern Philippines island of Cebu, was always a sleepy village. Now hundreds of tourists come here to swim with whale sharks, the […]

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New Research Paper: Fiji Shark Feeding

Mike Neumann of Beqa Divers, that organizes the Fiji Shark Dive often describes his ventures as a conservation project masquerading as a dive shop. His […]

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New study: Mediterranean and Black Sea sharks risk extinction

In June 2008 a scientific study funded in part by the Lenfest Ocean Program concluded that all shark species assessed in the Mediterranean Sea declined […]

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Size does matter! So… how do you measure a shark??

Size matters. When it comes to understanding the health and growth rate of an animal, that is. Normally, sharks were measured with either guesstimates based […]

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Can sharks really make movies??

  What do wild animals do when we’re not around? What does a shark actually do under water, or while hunting of prey? The National […]

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Why do sharks come close to the shore?

Many people think, that certain shark species are coming close to the shores and beaches to look for people and that this is recent behavior. […]

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Seen a manta ray? Pictures, please!

Photographic identification is widely used in the studies of white sharks, whale sharks and rays. It is non-invasive and allows animals to be identified without […]

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Planning a holiday? Support sharks!

Are you planning your summer holiday already? You could help shark conservation!   There are a number of projects that give you the opportunity to […]

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New study puts shark deaths at 100 million each year

Aggressive overfishing threatens to push some shark species to extinction, and a new study puts annual shark deaths at 100 million. In a research paper […]

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220 mobulas wash up on Gaza coast – and why?

Dozens of Mobula Ray fish were mysteriously washed up on the beach in Gaza City yesterday and carted off to market by Palestinian fishermen. It […]

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