Sharks play an essential rol in the health of our oceans

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Shark and Ray Research: Come BRUVVING’ with Us!

Baited Remote Underwater Video Stations (BRUV or BRUVS) have been developed by scientists of the Australian Institute of Marine Science, in order to monitor the […]

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Let’s Count Sharks!

‘Citizen Science’ is scientific research conducted, in whole or in part, by amateur or nonprofessional scientists. Formally, citizen science has been defined as “the systematic […]

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Red Sea Sharks: A Worrisome Status

Shark fishing and finning are still common practices in the Red Sea. Researcher Julia Spät, of the Red Sea Research Centre of the King Abdullah […]

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Good news for white sharks!

The great white shark received new protections today when a California commission decided this shark should be studied as a potential endangered species. The Fish […]

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Photography can be a powerful tool!

One of the objectives of the Dutch Shark Society is showing research to a wide audience. One of the tools to do so, is of […]

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More palm trees, fewer manta rays…

Most of us believe that protecting the underwater world, for example through marine reserves, will be sufficient to save sea creatures. But how wrong we […]

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The rise and fall of shark nets

Sharks are rapidly disappearing from our oceans. An estimated 100 million sharks are killed each year. Shouldn’t we try to protect them as much as […]

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Shark Poster Premiere!

We are proud to present our first shark poster, that can be downloaded for free on this link! We present this poster together with […]

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Porbeagle sharks travel a long way!

The porbeagle shark is an important component of the Northeast Atlantic ecosystem, but the species is vulnerable to population depletion due to its complicated lifecycle […]

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Sharks need showers too!

Well, not really showers… but they need to be cleaned! The Australian Marine Conservation Society made an urgent appeal yesterday: Past the Barrier Reef out […]

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