Are There Jellyfish At Panama City Beach, FL?

Are There Jellyfish At Panama City Beach, FL

Panama City Beach is northeastern Florida’s jewel on the Gulf of Mexico coast.  The city has 27 miles of beautiful white-sand beaches to enjoy. Still, before you and your family take the plunge into the waters, it’s sensible to find out if there are any hazards. Jellyfish occur naturally in the waters off Panama City … Read more

15 Interesting Facts About the Mariana Trench

15 Interesting Facts About the Mariana Trench

You may have already heard that the Mariana Trench is the deepest part of the ocean, but what exactly is it? While coral reefs, kelp beds, and other coastal areas might be reasonably familiar, the deep ocean is an incredible and largely unknown world of canyons, seamounts, abyssal plains, and other astonishing geological features. Undoubtedly, … Read more

How Much Of The Ocean Have We Discovered?

How Much Of The Ocean Have We Discovered

Humans have been exploring the oceans since the first sailing vessels left the shores of Egypt more than 6,000 years ago.  It’s easy to assume that during that time and with our modern technologies, we would have discovered everything there is to know about the oceans. However, the latest estimates suggest that less than 10% … Read more

Sea vs. Ocean: A Comprehensive Breakdown

Sea vs. Ocean A Comprehensive Breakdown

Sea vs. ocean. Is there any difference, or are they simply two words we can use to describe the saltwater that covers 70.8% of the surface of the Earth? People certainly use the two words interchangeably in everyday use, and your preference may depend on your country. However, the main difference between the ocean and … Read more

Save The Ocean By Supporting These 11 Ocean Charities

Save The Ocean By Supporting These 11 Ocean Charities

The ocean dominates our planet, covering over 70% of Earth and generating almost all its oxygen. They are critical for life on earth, regulating the climate and absorbing up to 50% of the carbon dioxide humans produce by burning fossil fuels. Despite their importance, only “8% of the world’s oceans are protected.” Ocean conservation is the best … Read more

What Is The White Foam In The Ocean?

What Is The White Foam In The Ocean

Sea water isn’t pure like fresh water. It contains lots of tiny particles that, when agitated, create a soapy substance known as sea foam. This natural phenomenon occurs throughout the world, although the circumstances that cause it form vary from region to region.  Sea foam is generally a sign of a healthy ocean but, in … Read more

How Deep Is The Ocean Floor In Each Ocean?

how deep is the ocean floor

Our oceans cover 70% of the Earth’s surface and contain diverse ecosystems that sustain a diversity of other-worldly creatures and other life forms. At its deepest point, the ocean’s water pressure is so extreme it would theoretically dissolve bone, making it impossible for any vertebrates to survive. Few humans have ever seen the deepest part … Read more

Is The Blob Fish The Most Ugly Fish In The World?

Is The Blob Fish The Most Ugly Fish In The World?

In the cold, dark underworld of the deep ocean, a myriad of strange and terrifying creatures thrive. With no sunlight to illuminate their unsightly features, they’ve evolved into some of the ugliest beings on earth.  But deep water creatures are oblivious to human values. They don’t care if their teeth stick out or their heads … Read more

Do Orcas Eat Sharks?

Do Orcas Eat Sharks

Just like the lion is the king of the jungle, we often think that sharks, particularly the infamous great white, are the out-and-out rulers of the ocean. By comparison, for most people, the orca whale has a relatively peaceful reputation. After all, while the great white is famous for the frightening movie Jaws, the orca … Read more