Why Do Sharks Migrate? (4 Causes for Shark Migration)

why do sharks migrate?

Many shark species are known to migrate in common with numerous land, air, and sea animals. However, unlike land animals or birds that are comparatively easy to observe, scientists have historically been challenged to track sharks’ movements underwater. Why do sharks migrate? Advances in satellite tagging have increased the understanding of sharks’ behavior somewhat. Scientists … Read more

Can a Shark Drown if They Stop Swimming?

Can a Shark Drown?

Sharks are the apex predators of the oceans. They dominate the seas with their powerful jaws and high-speed pursuits. These powerful creatures have few predators or threats to their lives and yet have some biological peculiarities that leave them vulnerable to drowning, even though they spend their entire lives in the ocean. But do sharks … Read more

Do Sharks Sleep? How? Where?

do sharks sleep?

After a long day, nothing feels better than a good night’s sleep. If you’re a shark lover, you’ve probably wondered if sharks ever enjoy the same luxury.  A Series of research proves that most sharks need to keep water moving through their gills to survive. Why? Because that’s how they get their oxygen.  It means … Read more

Can Sharks Predict The Weather?

We have all heard stories of animals fleeing an area before a big storm of earthquake hits. This is because mobile species have the choice to move with changing environmental conditions to an area that is more suitable. Usually, these animals are land-based, but would ocean-dwelling species like sharks do the same thing? Now with … Read more

First Ever Recorded Parthogeesis in a Ray

Parthenogenesis, from the Greek meaning “virgin birth” is an odd quirk of embryonic development that allows female animals of some species to give rise to offspring without a male genetic contribution – usually by a doubling of the egg genome to generate a new embryo with the proper number of chromosomes. Parthenogenesis has also been … Read more

New Research Paper Fiji Shark Feeding

Mike Neumann of Beqa Divers, that organizes the Fiji Shark Dive often describes his ventures as a conservation project masquerading as a dive shop. His ultimate goal: protection the sharks of Fiji. Started in 2003, the Fiji Shark Project resulted in the establishment of Shark Reef Marine Reserve, Fiji’s first MPA dedicated to researching and … Read more

How to Sweet Talk a Shark

We do not yet know much about the reproductive strategies of sharks and rays. Sharks have probably been very successful through evolution because they have adapted their reproduction to many different conditions. Many sharks bear live young (viviparity), others lay eggs (oviparity). Several shark species mate the entire year, others prefer certain seasons and regions. … Read more

Sharks Feel It Coming

Sharks are living in a changing ocean… Understanding how sharks sense and interact with their environment is vital for sustaining populations of these marine predators, which support the health of oceans around the world. Overfishing is the greatest known threat, but pollution and other environmental changes may affect the natural signals that sharks need for … Read more