Are Sharks Vertebrates or Invertebrates?

Are Sharks Vertebrates or Invertebrates?

Are sharks vertebrates or invertebrates? Even though they don’t have any bones in their bodies, sharks are classified as vertebrates. They belong to the class Vertebrata, a subphylum that includes five different classes – amphibians, birds, fish, mammals, and reptiles. Although the shark’s skeleton is made of cartilage, rather than bone, it has a cartilaginous … Read more

Do Sharks Have Bones? Spoiler! No, They Don’t!

do sharks have bones?

When you think about sharks, the most likely images that spring to mind are probably a dorsal fin breaking the surface and perhaps a large mouth filled with teeth. Sharks have a fearsome reputation as the most powerful creatures in the ocean, so they must have a tough skeleton underneath their skin, right? In fact, the … Read more

How Many Fins Do Sharks Have?

How Many Fins Do Sharks Have?

How many fins do sharks have? Sharks can have as many as eight different fins. These include two pectoral fins, a pair of pelvic fins, a first and second dorsal fin, a caudal fin or tail, and an anal fin.  Many benthic shark species lack the anal fin, and some of those belonging to the … Read more

Are Sharks Blind? How Do Sharks See?

Are Sharks Blind?

Are sharks blind? The black “lifeless” eyes of the shark strike dread into the hearts of many. They have also led us to believe that sharks are blind. This isn’t true, although some shark species are visually impaired, and others are completely color blind. In general, sharks have highly sophisticated eyes that are similar to … Read more

How Long Can a Shark Survive Out of Water?

How Long Can a Shark Survive Out of Water

When thinking about sharks, you might be interested to know how long can a shark survive out of water. After all, if you’ve seen the movie Jaws and remember the infamous scene where the great white shark comes almost entirely onto the boat for several minutes, you could wonder if this is possible in reality … Read more

The Incredible Life Cycle of a Shark

The Incredible Life Cycle of a Shark

Sharks have been dominating the oceans for over 400 million years, so it’s little wonder they’re sometimes referred to as the fossils of the sea.  Sharks existed on this planet before the first tree appeared, and they’re still here today, which proves just how resilient they are. We need to dig a little deeper into … Read more

Do Sharks Have Tongues?

do sharks have tongues?

There are over 500 species of shark in our ocean. So, you’re sure to see many sharks with different shapes and sizes. Hollywood has been on a shark rampage for as long as we can remember. They always portray sharks as animals with super-blown acute blood sensitivity. And they never miss their targets– except the … Read more

Do You Have a Shark on Your Face?

We all know how the shark finning industry is killing millions of sharks each year and that’s why we should not eat shark fin soup. We also know that a lot of shark species are being sold as fish and we should be careful about eating them because of the high levels of (toxic) mercury). … Read more

Say No To Shark Fin Soup Alternatives For Your Big Day

There could be a reason, that you plan to serve shark fin soup on your wedding day: maybe it’s tradition, maybe pressure from your family. But there is a different option: faux shark fin soup. Or why not make your own special blend of your favourite ‘lucky’ ingredients when celebrating your marriage or the new … Read more