12 Least Dangerous Sharks That Don’t Bite

What is the Least Dangerous Shark?

Sharks have a bad reputation. Each week, another shark attack sneaks into the headlines, leaving us with images of terrifying blood-thirsty marine monsters that hunt down unsuspecting humans. This picture is far from reality. Even the most dangerous shark species attack infrequently, and others are so friendly they behave more like puppies than predators! Far … Read more

17 Surprising Hammerhead Shark Facts (and Some FAQs)

Surprising Hammerhead Shark Facts

Majestic, intelligent, fascinating, and above all, oddly shaped heads!  Many words might come to mind when you think of a hammerhead shark, but how much do you really know about them? We’re going to start by answering what is a hammerhead shark with some basics. Then, we will let you in on some fascinating hammerhead … Read more

How Many Types of Hammerhead Sharks Are There?

How Many Types of Hammerhead Sharks Are There?

Hammerhead sharks have to be one of the strangest creatures found in the ocean. While their bodies look pretty normal, their hammer-shaped heads look like they could come from science fiction or a child’s imagination. There are nine types of hammerhead sharks described by modern marine taxonomists, which makes this one of the smallest shark … Read more

The Top 10 Smallest Shark Species In The World

10 smallest shark species

At the end of 2021, there were 512 recognized species of sharks and a further 23 pending approval. When we think of sharks, we almost immediately think of a great white with its five-foot-wide mouth full of 3-inch-long serrated teeth. We hardly ever envisage a cute little creature that could fit in the palm of … Read more

What is the Most Dangerous Shark in the World To Humans?

what is the most dangerous shark?

Sharks aren’t as dangerous as you might think. Last year, the Florida Museum of Natural History’s International Shark Attack File confirmed a total of 112 shark bites on humans, of which 11 were fatal. By comparison, toasters kill around 300 Americans every year.  Nevertheless, a toaster isn’t a particularly intimidating or aggressive appliance, whereas some … Read more

Greenland Sharks Facts & Information Guide

Greenland Sharks Facts & Information Guide

Greenland sharks are arguably the slowest sharks in the ocean. While great whites and mako sharks dash around at over 50 kph, Greenland sharks idle along at barely 1 kph.  It’s highly unlikely you’ll ever see a Greenland shark, as these huge creatures live deep in the frigid Arctic waters, far below the depths usually … Read more

Basking Sharks Facts & Information Guide

Basking Sharks Facts & Information Guide

If you saw a 15-foot-long shark swimming toward you with its mouth wide open, your life would probably flash before your eyes. This is precisely what happened to UK snorkeller Lew Smart in 2014.  Seeing a fin in the water, Smart jumped in to get a closer look and almost ended up in the mouth … Read more