Common Smooth Hound

The common smooth-hound is a member of the family of the hound sharks (Triakidae) and the ground sharks  (Carcharhiniformes).

This shark can be found on the continental shelf en on sea floors, from the tidal zone until 350 meters depth. Occasionally observed in open water, but prefers to feed just above the sea floor, hunting for crustaceans, squid species and fishes.

The smooth-hound is viviparous with a yolk-sac placenta.  Litter size varies from 4 to 17 pups, that are around 40 cm long at birth.The common smooth-hound is often mistaken for the starry smouth-hound (Mustelus asterias, see corresponding page), and catch data re probably based on the two species.

  • Maximum length: 200 cm
  • Maximum weight: 50 kg
  • Maximum lifespan: 35 years
  • Habitat: 0 to 600 meter depth
  • Catches: The smooth-hound is caught with trawlers, nets and lines for its meat and oil and used for fishmeal. The meat if often salted. The smouth-hound is also a gamefish, and caught from shores and boats. Based on catch data, the populations are considered too small to be sustainable.
  • Status: ‘Vulnerable’ on the international IUCN Red List (

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