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‘Dutch’ Smooth-hound re-captured in France


The Dutch SharkATag shark tagging programme, with an astonishing 1800 tagged sharks in four years,is a great example of the succesful collaboration between recreational anglers, commercial fishermen and researchers. The Dutch Shark Society organised field trips last years as well with enthusiastic divers.

On August 1, Wim Breedveld caught a starry smooth-hound. It was a small one,  58 centimeter. The shark was caught during a trip with the ms “Wiesje” ( on the Western Schelde. The small shark was tagged and released.



Recently the shark was recaptured by Mahieu Sigvin who was fishing with his cutter “David” off the coast of the French town of Cherbourg (co-ordinates 49°43’49N – 00°36’35W). The shark was now 79 centimeters, 20 centimeters larger! Unfortunately, the shark was brought to the market and not re-released.

Another shark was caught by a longline fisher in the area, but the part of the tag with the number on its was destroyed.
Still, it is great to see commercial fishermen take the trouble to report their catches!

More info about SharkATag and a photo report:

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