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Ghost Fishing Team Recovers Shark Eggs

Our partner organisation the Ghost Fishing Foundation set up an excellent clean-up project in Croatia on the MS Argo (watch the wonderful video trailer of this project).

Cat shark eggs on land, of course put back as soon as possible again / © Pascal van Erp, Ghost Fishing Foundation

During these dives, a large trawlnet and a number of small nets were recovered, air lifted and brought to shore. Back on dry land, the team saw that there was a number of eggs attached to the nets. All eggs were carefully removed, photographed and put back in the ocean, in the area where they were found. And we got the pictures, as it was unclear what species of shark or ray the eggs were from.

The Dutch Shark Society consulted Croatian shark expert Alen Soldo, who confirmed that these are cat shark eggs, Scyliorhinus stellaris. A still relatively abundant shark in Croatie. We are very happy that the eggs were put back, and hope all shark babies survived their adventure!
Cat shark egg on rope / © Fabrizio Tosoni  

Cat shark / © Marion Haarsma…

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