Sharks play an essential rol in the health of our oceans


Good news for white sharks!

The great white shark received new protections today when a California commission decided this shark should be studied as a potential endangered species.

The Fish and Game Commission unanimously voted to advance the candidacy of the shark, which means during a one-year study review it will receive the same protections it would if it were listed as endangered.


Duiker benadert grote witte haai

Great white sharks are protected in many countries and already can’t be targeted for catch. During the review, the sharks will receive even more safeguards, and the immediate effect will be a ban on incidental takes by net fishermen, who opposed the review.

Scientists estimate the number of California subspecies at between 220 and 350.

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In South Africa, great whites sharks have been protected for over a decade, and yesterday, a man has become the first person in the world to be convicted of killing a great white shark after he hooked one while fishing from the shore. Leon Bekker pleaded guilty to contravention of the Marine Living Resources Act which includes attempting to kill, disturb or be in possession of a white shark without a permit. Bekker pointed out that he had no idea at first that he’d hooked a great white shark but he pleaded guilty so as not to waste the court’s time.


These pictures sparked outrage under conservationists in South Africa: Leon Bekker and a great white shark he caught

South Africa has a large recreational (shark) angling community, and it is known, that even though the vast majority of anglers respect the law, some anglers do not. Although great white sharks have been protected in South Africa since 1991, there is evidence to suggest that they continue to be targeted by recreational fisherman as a trophy species

Environmentalists believe the ruling sets a new precedent in that anyone using heavy-duty fishing tackle in an area where white sharks are known to inhabit is effectively breaking the law

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