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Kimberley Goes SA: Sharks, Dogs and Old People

This week flew by. Finally, the weather is starting to get better so we had 4 ‘sea days’ this week. On Monday it was a ‘no sea day’, but instead went to SASC, the South African Shark Conservation. SASC catches small sharks such as the dark shyshark, the pajama shark, puffadder shark and the zebra shark. After catching, they receive a transmitter and are replaced. During diving, shark eggs are picked and hatched at SASC. When these sharks are released they are taken care of for a few weeks, they receive an acoustic Vemco transmitter and are released. Unfortunately, there were no sharks at that time. All sharks had already been released en because of the weather, there were no new eggs yet.

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On Tuesday, August 28, we attended a presentation in the morning from Tom Slough about the evolution of the sharks. This is a very complicated, fascinating topic because there are many differences of opinion about evolution. We also made short films that come online during the 21 Ocean Days. It explains how you can make your own products such as: shampoo, toothpaste, scrub, sunscreen, skin cream, etc. We did this as the product itself often comes in a plastic packaging and some products (such as shampoo) contain themselves’ micro plastics, these are small pieces of plastic that you cannot see with the naked eye. So every time you shower, micro plastic end up in the environment.

Wednesday, August 29, it was finally a sea day!!!! I have been able to make one trip, but unfortunately we did not see sharks.

Thursday, August 30, we had more luck! Then we saw one shark, who came to swim twice. Although she was around the boat for only 30 seconds, it was still a wonderful moment.

Friday, August 31, we were stil lucky. We saw another shark, which even went off with the bait. Later  came back twice more to check out the bait.

Saturday, September 1 was the first day of the 21 Ocean Days. The day started with a trip at sea, with the same shark as Friday. She was less enterprising, but she ended up on the bait one time. Then we went straight to the OK supermarket to sell hot dogs, the proceeds from the hot dogs went to the Benoni Animal Rescue Center (see photos). Our goal was to sell 100 hot dogs and eventually we could sell 94, so we are very proud!

Sunday, September 2, it was again a ‘no sea day’, so we were able to fully focus on the 2nd day of the 21 Ocean Days. This time we went to a retirement home, where we coloured cards with the residents, that we made the week before (see photos). They loved this activity! The biggest smiles and stories came up, great to watch! At lunchtime we all served the lunch prepared for us. Only empty plates were left!


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