Sharks play an essential rol in the health of our oceans


Make the Holiday Season sharky – with these live shark cams!

We all love watching shark footage. And what better to watch than unmanipulated images of real sharks and their behaviour? So much better than the Hollywood maneater so often portrayed. Check out these live shark cams:


One of our favorites is

Installed at various depths in a shark-heavy area 34 miles off the North Carolina coast, the cameras stream an uninterrupted look at the habitat to the web with no ads and at no cost, and without resorting to luring in marine life by dropping food in the water. offers many great cams, also to open water, where you can watch sharks, tuna and schooling fish swim by!

Another great cam is the shark cam of  the California Academy of Sciences’ shark and reef lagoon is bordered by mangrove trees and a colorful Philippine coral reef.

Black tips are the centerpieces of the cam of the National Aquarium:

PLEASE NOTE: when watching live shark cams, it could be that the water is dark when you tune in during nighttime. Then check back later!

Want to watch something straight away? Watch the images made by… a sandbar shark itself, that had a camera on its fin for two weeks.


And of course you can always watch the Dutch Shark Society’s videos of sharks and rays, shark research and behaviour!

We wish you sharky holidays!

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