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Meet Dorien!

From January 1st, 2014, our team will be joined by Dorien Schröder. Dorien has experience in shark research and education, and we are happy to have her on our team!

Dorien introduces herself:

From the moment I picked up my mom’s Greenpeace Magazine, I wanted to ‘save the whales’, just like the people in the magazine. During my teenage years, this dream changed into a passion for all the creatures our oceans.

Dorien Schröder

After my high school graduation, I traveled through Australia, where I saw sharks for the very first time. While standing in knee-deep water, blacktip sharks circled around me. I was struck by the fact that it was a really special experience, and not the frightening ordeal that it is so often described in the media. After that, I saw sharks when snorkeling and during my first dive. I was intrigued!

Back in the Netherlands, I studied Biology, and did my Masters in Oceanography. During my master study I was an intern with Oceans Research in South Africa, at that time primarily involved in great white shark research and exploiting a small shark aquarium. I learned a lot about working with sharks and the serious lack of knowledge about shark species.

After completing my master degree, I was asked to return to Oceans Research to work as a Field Specialist, responsible for the data collection for various projects and the interns program. The organized had extended its research program to cat sharks, dogfish, tope and smooth-hound sharks.
I worked for Oceans Research for three years, and gained a lot of knowledge about current shark research and the importance of the conservation of shark species.

With my work for the Dutch Shark Society I want to share my passion with many others.


Dorien and sharks



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