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New project: Shark Meat Sampling

Since three months, we are sampling shark meat in Dutch markets and other points of sale. The samples will be examined by the University of Exeter. Which species is sold? There will be sampling in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Germany and Italy.

This project is related to earlier projects in Greece (Article in Science Direct) and the United Kingdom: (Fish and Chips Shops serving Meat of Endangered Sharks).

We are excited to be a part of this project!

Starry smooth-hounds on the market

We see more and more starry smooth-hounds (Mustelus asterias) on the Dutch fish markets. A few years ago, this was an unknown phenomenon: sharks were released after being caught. Now, they are sold on the markets. The status of the species changed: from Least Concern to Near Threatened, population trend is decreasing…
Is this because of the future discard ban (that is NOT in effect for sharks and rays yet!!)? Other cultures with other recipes? Diminishing other fish stocks? We do not know. Do you see sharks sold on your Dutch or Belgian fish markets? Take a pic and let us know. Thanks!

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