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New research: Egg case predation

Egg case research in BlueLinked

Our Dutch Eggcase project is doing great. Recently, we asked all people who had registered to submit their egg cases for research on predation on egg cases. The eggs of Raja clavata act as prey for some fish and mollusks.

Hundreds of egg cases were sent in to the research facilitity BlueLinked (, and those are all carefully examined by research students to discover if there are any predation marks. And if so, by which predators?
We’ll keep you posted about the results!

This is a part of a  joint project by Dutch Shark Society, BlueLinked, Sportvisserij Nederland, Stichting de Noordzee en WWF Netherlands.


Georgina Wiersma being interviewed on a Dutch beach

There is also quite a lot of publicity about our Grote Eikapsel Jacht, even from television!





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