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New shark sanctuaries: Madagascar and Micronesia!

The Government of Madagascar has created the country’s first marine sanctuary for sharks as part of a new law to safeguard the country’s marine resources and the communities that rely on them, according to the Wildlife Conservation Society.

In Micronesia, the next shark sanctuary is only one signature away!

Of course, Palau was the first ‘real’ shark sanctuary in 2009!


This picture, made by Peter Verhoog, welcomes visitors to Palau’s airport. Former President Toriboing happily points at it!

But how many shark sanctuaries are there in our world?

  • Bahamas Shark Sanctuary
  • Brunei Shark Sanctuary
  • Cook Islands Shark Sanctuary
  • Egypt Red Sea Shark Sanctuary
  • French Polynesia Shark Sanctuary
  • Federated States of Micronesia Shark Sanctuary
  • British Virgin Islands Shark Sanctuary
  • Honduras Shark Sanctuary
  • Raja Ampat Shark Sanctuary
  • Israel Shark Sanctuary
  • Madagascar Shark Sanctuary
  • Maldives Shark Sanctuary
  • Marshall Islands Shark Sanctuary
  • Micronesia Shark Sanctuary
  • New Caledonia Shark Sanctuary
  • Tokelau Shark Sanctuary
  • Palau Shark Sanctuary
  • American Samoa Shark Sanctuary
  • Northern Marianas Islands and Guam Shark Sanctuary
  • Venezuela Shark Sanctuary

Unfortunately, declaring a shark sanctuary is not a solution in itself: the laws have to be reinforced, and for a number of small nations, this is a difficult matter due to lack of resources.

Make virtual visit to the Shark Sanctuary of Palau in this video:

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