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Outrage about slaughtered whale shark… but that was not the only one!

Horrifying footage showed a whaleshark being slaughtered in a Chinese market, much to the delight of several onlookers, who made selfies and posed with the poor animal.

Two whale sharks are processed in a factory in China.  PHOTOGRAPH BY WILDLIFE RISK

Two whale sharks are processed in a factory in China.

But that is not all…

Whale sharks are being slaughtered: That’s the shocking news from a  from a report issued by WildLifeRisk, a nongovernmental organization in 2013. A three-year investigation provides evidence that a factory in southeastern China is cutting up about 600 of the 21-ton (19-tonne) fish a year. And it still continues.

It’s illegal—whale sharks are a protected species under Chinese and international law. But it’s easy to understand why: A single carcass is worth about $30,000. The shark meat is sold for food, the fins are sold to restaurants for shark fin soup, the skin is sold to manufacturers for bags, and the oil is sold to companies that make fish oil supplements.

The factory is also reportedly killing and processing other species under international protection, including basking sharks and great white sharks.

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