The Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals in Hawaii

The Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals in Hawaii

Sometimes referred to as the Paradise of the Pacific, Hawaii is a popular tourist destination that draws in nearly 10 million people a year.  It’s also a popular and safe hiking destination, which you can explore without the fear of bears or mountain lions, alligators, or crocodiles.  The most dangerous thing in Hawaii is the … Read more

Do Sharks Eat Octopus?

do sharks eat octopus

The octopus is one of the most fascinating creatures to inhabit our oceans, while many consider sharks the most fearsome. With their terrible reputation, it probably won’t be a surprise for you to learn that the answer to the question “do sharks eat octopus” is yes, some do. Octopuses are an intelligent animal so are … Read more

The Top 10 Smallest Shark Species In The World

10 smallest shark species

At the end of 2021, there were 512 recognized species of sharks and a further 23 pending approval. When we think of sharks, we almost immediately think of a great white with its five-foot-wide mouth full of 3-inch-long serrated teeth. We hardly ever envisage a cute little creature that could fit in the palm of … Read more

How Many Fins Do Sharks Have?

How Many Fins Do Sharks Have?

How many fins do sharks have? Sharks can have as many as eight different fins. These include two pectoral fins, a pair of pelvic fins, a first and second dorsal fin, a caudal fin or tail, and an anal fin.  Many benthic shark species lack the anal fin, and some of those belonging to the … Read more

What is the Most Dangerous Shark in the World To Humans?

what is the most dangerous shark?

Sharks aren’t as dangerous as you might think. Last year, the Florida Museum of Natural History’s International Shark Attack File confirmed a total of 112 shark bites on humans, of which 11 were fatal. By comparison, toasters kill around 300 Americans every year.  Nevertheless, a toaster isn’t a particularly intimidating or aggressive appliance, whereas some … Read more

What Is the Difference Between Manta Ray vs. Stingray?

manta ray vs stingray

Manta rays and stingrays are some of the most fascinating creatures living in the ocean, but are they just two names for the same animal?  Well, no, they are two very different groups of rays. Although there are similarities, as we compare manta ray vs stingray, we will see that they differ dramatically.  Manta rays … Read more

How Do Sharks Poop and pee?

do sharks poop

Sharks have to eat to stay alive, and just like us or any other animal, that means something is going to come out of the other end. So, the answer to “do sharks poop” is definitely, yes! Headlines like “Superpredator!”, “Feeding Frenzy!”, “Eating Machine!” and others make it easy to think about sharks only in terms … Read more

How Fast Can a Great White Shark Swim?

How Fast Can a Great White Swim_ (2)

The current consensus among scientists is that “the top swimming speed of the Great White is at least 25 miles (40 kilometers) per hour.”  Figuring out exactly how fast a great shark can swim has proved challenging for scientists.  The most common method of measuring the speed of ocean creatures is by comparing it against … Read more

Are Sharks Blind? How Do Sharks See?

Are Sharks Blind?

Are sharks blind? The black “lifeless” eyes of the shark strike dread into the hearts of many. Contrary to popular belief, sharks are not blind. They have highly sophisticated eyes that are structurally and functionally similar to a human’s eyes. However, the positioning of their eyes on either side of the head gives them greater … Read more


most dangerous sea creatures

What is the most dangerous animal in the ocean? No, it’s not the white shark or tiger shark, it’s the box jellyfish. Sharks may be the apex predators in our oceans, but they’re by no means the deadliest sea creature. Last year, 11 people lost their lives in shark attacks, but estimates suggest that between 50 and … Read more