Basking Sharks Facts & Information Guide

Basking Sharks Facts & Information Guide

If you saw a 15-foot-long shark swimming toward you with its mouth wide open, your life would probably flash before your eyes. This is precisely what happened to UK snorkeller Lew Smart in 2014.  Seeing a fin in the water, Smart jumped in to get a closer look and almost ended up in the mouth … Read more

Angel Shark

The angel shark belongs to the family of the angel sharks  (Squatinidae) and the order of the angel sharks (Squatiniformes). This shark is named for its graceful, ‘winglike’ pectoral fins. It is a typical bottom dweller, most frequently observed on sandy bottoms, where it can cover itself in the sand,  leaving only its eyes visible. In … Read more

Shark Species

Sharks primarily live in saltwater, but some species can be found in brackish and freshwater. Sharks and rays (Elasmobranchii) are a subclass of the cartilaginous fishes ( (Chondrichthyes). The species in this subclass have jaws, paired fins and nostrils, a heart with its chambers in series, and skeletons made of cartilage rather than bone. The North Sea is … Read more