Can Tiger Sharks Survive in an Aquarium?

Can Tiger Sharks Survive in an Aquarium?

The tiger shark (Galeocerdo cuvier) is one of the most voracious predators in the sea. If you wanted one of nature’s ultimate hunters in your home, would it be possible to have a tiger shark aquarium? We will see that tiger sharks are far too large for even the biggest home aquariums and would not survive … Read more

Do Whales Die of Old Age or Drown?

Do Whales Die of Old Age or Drown

Whales play a vital role in our marine ecosystems and continue to do so even after their lives have ended. Do whales die of old age? Whales die for a variety of reasons, including old age. If they fail to reach the surface to breathe, they may even drown. A whale that gets caught in … Read more

Blue Whale vs. Humpback Whale Comparison

Blue Whale vs. Humpback Whale Comparison

The blue and humpback whales may preside over a marine environment today, but they evolved from a land-dwelling creature known as the Pakicetus. This shared ancestry could account for some of their similarities and explain why people occasionally confuse the two species. Are blue whales humpback whales? No. While there are similarities, these are two distinct … Read more

Are there Sharks in Bora Bora?

Are there Sharks in Bora Bora

Situated between Australia and South America, the island of Bora Bora forms part of French Polynesia. Famous for its offshore luxury resorts, colorful corals, and white sand beach, it’s been voted the most photographic place on earth. It’s not only the vistas you see above the ocean’s surface that will take your breath away either. … Read more

Are Sirens Evil Mermaids Or the Same Mythical Creature?

Are Sirens Evil Mermaids Or the Same Mythical Creature (1)

You probably know mermaids as the kind and beautiful mythical creatures who are half-woman and half-fish.  But if you’ve also heard about sirens, the dangerous creatures known to lure sailors to their doom, you may be wondering if they are just the evil counterpart to the mermaid or if there are other differences.  We’re going … Read more

Are Mermaids Real? 12 Mermaid Sightings in History

Are Mermaids Real 12 Mermaid Sightings in History

If you’re interested to know are mermaids real, either you’ve just come across one of the famous mermaids in a book or movie, or you saw an intriguing and beguiling sight while out on your boat and can’t believe your eyes! Whatever the reason, we can let you know that, no, mermaids are not real. We will tell … Read more

What Is the Biggest Whale in the World?

What is the biggest whale in the world

The largest creatures on earth, whales have fascinated and intimidated humans for hundreds of years. As a result, they’ve been held up as deities and demonized for attacking boats. Over the years, humans have worshipped them as easily as they’ve destroyed them. Fortunately, efforts by the International Whaling Commission (IWC) have helped the world’s whale … Read more

Are There Sharks in the Atlantic Ocean?

Are There Sharks in the Atlantic Ocean

It may not be as big or as deep as the Pacific Ocean, but the Atlantic provides a diverse habitat for all types of marine life. At 106.5 million square kilometers, it’s one of the largest ocean habitats in the world, encompassing subtropical waters and vast areas of the deep ocean where strange creatures like … Read more

Are There Sharks in the Gulf of Mexico?

Are There Sharks in the Gulf of Mexico

With its warm waters and rich marine life, the Gulf of Mexico is a haven for all kinds of sea creatures, including sharks. Estimates vary as to how many species of sharks can be found in the region. Some say it’s around 30, others argue that it’s more like 50. Some of those sharks spend … Read more

Does Folly Beach Have Sharks?

Does Folly Beach Have Sharks

With its small-town character and welcoming expanse of ocean, Folly Beach is a popular destination for sun-lovers and surfers alike. Unfortunately, it also attracts its fair share of sharks, but the chances of being bitten by one remain slim. Although South Carolina ranks third in the country for the most shark attacks in the past … Read more