Sharks play an essential rol in the health of our oceans


Photography can be a powerful tool!

One of the objectives of the Dutch Shark Society is showing research to a wide audience. One of the tools to do so, is of course photography.

Peter Verhoog has worked as conservation photographer for several years, and was also an expedition photographer for a.o. National Geographic. One of his trips was to Palau, where he documenten shark tagging for the Micronesian Shark Foundation, a Palauan based non-government organization, established to facilitate the study of sharks both in Palau and throughout Micronesia.

On a joint trip with the Australian Institute of Marine Science (Dr. Mark Meekan), Peter documented the whole tagging process. From carefully catching a shark, lifting it into the boat to the release of the animal.

The pictures are used worldwide to show the process to a wide variety of audiences during congresses, lectures and symposia, but also in newspapers and magazines.

Peter also documented great white shark research  and crittercam expedition for National Geographic in South Africa: a crittercam was attached to the dorsal fin of a great white shark, so footage could be obtained during hunting and migration.


Coming summer, Peter will document Australian and Dutch research projects. We will keep you informed!

You can see the pictures in our gallery:

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