Sharks play an essential rol in the health of our oceans


Presentation at high school Rotterdams Montessori Lyceum

Last week we presented to a couple of first year classes at a high school in Rotterdam. In our presentations in schools we tell a bit about sharks, the different species and their anatomy and behaviour. And because we are the Dutch Shark Society after all, we show the 11 species of shark that live in our waters, some of them close to shore or even in the Oosterschelde! We don’t want to leave out the rays, so the 8 species of ray are also shown. Last we explain about the fact that 30% of shark species are threatened with extinction, but everyone can do something to help by eating sustainable fish and not buying shark products for instance.IMG-20150319-WA0001 And they can even help out with the research themselves! We are launching the Great Eggcase Hunt this year, if you find an eggcase on the beach you can determine which species of shark or ray laid the egg and upload it to an European database. After the presentation the kids get their own eggcase and a flyer with the determination guide so they can try and find the species of shark or ray that laid the egg. And there is always time for questions of course! IMG-20150319-WA0000 IMG-20150319-WA0008 If you are interested in a presentation in your school (primary or secondary), you can contact us through this website.

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