Sharks play an essential rol in the health of our oceans


The Dutch Shark Society will be pleased to come your location! We give presentations for schools, (diving) clubs and other interested parties and groups. For schools or youth clubs, these presentations are always free of charge, the only costs are our travel expenses. Content can be adapted to age and group. We will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you!


Dorien Schröder is a biologist, with a Master Degree in Oceanography, who worked in great white shark research and exploiting a small shark aquarium for Oceans Research in South Africa, where she worked as a field specialist. She wants to share her passion with many others. A standard presentation always consists of a general lecture about sharks and rays with great pictures and illustrations about their characteristics and a photo presentation that shows the beauty of these animals under the surface. The presentation can be extended with a (ocean) subject of your choice.


Peter Verhoog is an experienced speaker, who has extensive experiences in giving lectures for many different groups. His photographic works were published in countless magazines and books, en he was featured in several programs on Dutch national television.

He is the best-known Dutch shark photographer and was a member of several international expedition teams, a.o. for National Geographic. He made most of the pictures on this website. More of his work can be seen on his own website:


Georgina Wiersma is always available for texts, articles and interviews. Together with Peter Verhoog she published a large number of features in magazines, National Geographic Magazine, all national Dutch Newspapers  and three books about ocean life, sharks and rays.

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De Dutch Shark Society is proud to be a partner of several organisations. Check out our Mission page!
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