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Presentation Program at Duikvaker, February 6 and 7, 2016, Expo Houten

Come to Duikvaker! / picture by Peter Verhoog, Dutch Shark Society

Come to Duikvaker! / picture by Peter Verhoog, Dutch Shark Society

Come to Duikvaker! / picture by Peter Verhoog, Dutch Shark Society

This year, we have a wonderful shark program at Duikvaker, together with the Save Our Sharks NL project. All presentations will be held in the main hall and are of course free of charge!

Saturday AND Sunday:

13.00 hrs. – Peter Verhoog and Georgina Wiersma: shark diving and shark photography

Peter Verhoog ( and Georgina Wiersma ( have dived all over the world, and published several books and many articles before they published  Sharks – Close Encounters in 2010: diving with sharks all over the world. So they can tell you all about shark diving and shark photography, from the Dutch sharks to great whites!

Together they formed the Dutch Shark Society, and Peter is also a board member of the Ghostfishing Foundation, Georgina works for the Save Our Sharks Project and the Dutch World Wildlife Fund.

13.30 hrs.- Jens Odinga and Olivier Kramer, BRUV-research

Jens (, ) is a freelance consultant in nature conservation, specialized in marine biology, oceanography, sharks and rays, project and process management and information technology. Olivier ( is a marine researcher, interest areas: sharks and rays, fisheries, nature conservation.

These scientists will give a fascinating presentation about stereo BRUV research on shark and ray populations in the shark reserve of St. Martin, for the Our Sharks project in the Dutch Caribbean waters, set up by IMARES and the St. Maarten Nature Foundation.

14.00 hrs.- Edward Snijders, sharks of Fiji: the importance of shark reserves

Awarded filmmaker Edward ( specializes in production of films with a close relation to (under-)water.  He will present an exciting video about the marine reserve in Fiji, home to many large bull sharks. Some of Edward’s previous work: Bonaire Bonanza, De Bijbel van Baster, Boavista, East Scheldt discovery, Zenobia, Dipole.

14.30 hrs. – Dorien Schröder, Dutch sharks and rays

Who knew there even were Dutch sharks and rays? The Dutch Shark Society/Peter Verhoog was the first to document several (Dutch) shark and ray species in their natural habitat. Dorien (, educator of Dutch Shark Society, knows all about them, and will give a fascinating presentation with figures and facts – and great research pictures!

15.00 hrs. – Irene Kingma / Linda Planthof, Save Our Sharks Project

Like most shark populations worldwide, the populations around the Dutch Caribbean islands have strongly decreased. This presentation will give an impression of the Save Our Sharks  Project, aimed at the protection of elasmobranchs in the waters around Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, Sint Eustatius and Sint Maarten. The projects consists of a collaboration with local people  and fishermen, scientists en divers. The goal is to get effective protective legislation to better protect our sharks and rays.

Linda Planthof ( is project officer with the Nederlandse Elasmobranchen Vereniging. Irene Kingma (  is director of the Nederlandse Elasmobranchen Vereniging and project manager of Save Our Sharks NL.

15.30 hrs., Guido Leurs, shark research through acoustic tags

The ocean round the  Caribbean Islands, is home to several top predators. The migration pattern of these sharks is unknown, but by giving sharks and acoustic tags, we can discover more. Guido ( shows us, how sharks are tagged, and what the purpose of his research is. He will also tell us more about the first results! Guido is a student marine biology at Wageningen University.

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