Sharks play an essential rol in the health of our oceans


Say no to shark fin soup – alternatives for your big day!

There could be a reason, that you plan to serve shark fin soup on your wedding day: maybe it’s tradition, maybe pressure from your family. But there is a different option: faux shark fin soup. Or why not make your own special blend of your favourite ‘lucky’ ingredients when celebrating your marriage or the new year?

Because of the controversy about shark finning and shark fishing, and the serious health risk that shark fin soup is due to the heavy metal content (read our post more and more restaurants are developing alternatives for shark fin soup. Some have taken shark’s fin off the menu altogether (especially those at top hotel chains). Others still serve the delicacy but also offer substitute choices.

Shark fin is all about the soup it is cooked in; the shark has no taste but is used for its gelatinous texture, that can easily be mimicked by other ingredients, like konnyaku, which is a Japanese yam flour cake. In Chinese it is known as moyu doufu (魔芋豆腐). You can find commercially produced konnyaku noodles in thin strands sold as vegetarian shark fins.

Faux Shark Fin Soup made with sustainable seafood

You can choose a soup that has the same luxury cachet to pamper your guests, using equally costly ingredients. But be sure to ask for sustainable ingredients, as you do of course not wish to damage the environment for future generations! The wish to preserve the world and its oceans for your offspring and health concern can be a strong argument to convince your relatives that serving shark fin soup is not a good idea.

You can find a recipe for a Faux Shark Fin Soup made with sustainable seafood here ( The recipe was composed by Peter Pahk, chef of the Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg, Virginia.


Shark species face extinction due to overfishing and appetite for fins. For every ten bowls of soup, one shark is killed for its fins that are sliced off the live shark.


You can have a great wedding diner or celebration banquet and protect the ocean environment and its vulnerable shark species!


Some more recipes:

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