Sharks play an essential rol in the health of our oceans


Seen a manta ray? Pictures, please!

Photographic identification is widely used in the studies of white sharks, whale sharks and rays. It is non-invasive and allows animals to be identified without direct interaction and therefore is ideally suited for studying protected species. The research is also less invasive, as the animals can be identified from a much greater distance and there is no need to attach or implant tags.

You can read all about it at our page about Photo Identication:


Every manta ray has a unique pattern









Read the guidelines for a good identification picture:


 If you have pictures of manta rays, you can submit them to the following sites:


  • MantaMatcher (global)

  • Manta Trust, IDtheManta

Manta Ray Database for Nusa Penida (through Facebook)

  • Manta Research Project:

  • MantaID Palau:

  •  Project Manta:


Do you want your database link added to our site? Please let us know through the contact form.





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