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Shark and Ray Research: Come BRUVVING’ with Us!

Baited Remote Underwater Video Stations (BRUV or BRUVS) have been developed by scientists of the Australian Institute of Marine Science, in order to monitor the vast areas of deeper inter-reef and shelf habitats inaccessible to research divers so that important bioregions there can be included in marine protected areas.

BRUVS consist of tourist-grade “HandiCam” video cameras in simple underwater housings made of PVC sewer pipe and acrylic, with a canister of minced pilchards on the end of a bait arm in the field of view. The housings are held in steel frames, and are deployed in strings of four to six under separate ropes and floats, to be picked up after one or two hours filming at the seabed. A popular name for a BRUVS is ‘chum cam’.

Set-up of a BRUV in False Bay, South Africa (picture by Steve Benjamin, Animal Ocean,















But BRUVS can also be used in shallow waters, as a simpel and cost-effective way to monitor underwater life. BRUVS are non-invasive, give permanent records and are remotely controlled, so the animals get closer to the camera. BRUVS can be used for a variety of animals, but are widely used in shark research. BRUVS have been used in Australia, Fiji, South Africa and many other locations. The data collected are used to establish behavior and migration patterns and species numbers, that can be used to support fisheries management and mapping for instance breeding grounds.


Have a few minutes to spare? Go BRUVVING! with the Our YouTUbe BRUV gallery presented below!

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One of the very popular cameras used in BRUVS are GoPro cameras (

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