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Shark and rays in Dutch Media

Since this summer, Dutch Shark Society’s Georgina Wiersma is ecological correspondent for the most read Dutch dive magazine, Onderwatersport, the magazine of the Dutch recreational dive association.

Together with Peter Verhoog, she wrote many features about biology and travel for this magazine and other magazines, and also contributed to the new book ‘Advanced Underwater Biology’. Peter’s pictures are used as illustrations in the contributed chapter on South Africa and on rays. (

The latest edition of Onderwatersport features a story about shark diving in Holland – well, maybe in future, if the recovery of populations continues!

Click the image to read the full story (in Dutch only).

Apart from this publication, the Dutch Shark Society’s ‘Dutch’ shark and ray pictures have appeared in many articles in magazines and newspapers, and Peter Verhoog and Georgina Wiersma were interviewed on national television and radio.

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