Sharks play an essential rol in the health of our oceans

Sharkatag 2014

This year’s edition of Sharkatag was nearly cancelled because of bad weather, but fortunately, it all cleared up!

This was the fourth year of shark tagging, mainly starry smooth-hounds (Mustelus asterias) and an occasional tope shark (Galeorhinus galeus). So far, over 1800 sharks have been tagged, and there are re-catches from Norway to the Gulf of Biscaye, indicating the urgent need for international protection of these species.

This was also the first year, that one boat was chartered by the Dutch Shark Society!

The number of caught sharks this year was lower than in previous years. It is not sure why, it could be that because of the high water temperature in spring, when the sharks moved in weeks earlier, and it could be, that they left the Eastern Schelde earlier as well. The weir fishers hardly caught any sharks, compared to 2012, which was a peak year, and a small number in 2013. Most probably, the Eastern Schelde is a breeding ground for large females (research by Niels Brevé of Sportvisserij Nederland).

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