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Sharklab Malta: Saving Sharks in the Med – and you can help!

Sharklab Malta is a registered NGO in Malta and is a non-profit voluntary organisation dedicated to research, education and raising greater awareness about all Elasmobranch (Sharks, Rays, Skates and Chimaeras) around Malta and within the Mediterranean. Elasmobranch numbers around Malta and within the Mediterranean are on a downward spiral, and have been for the last number of years, numbers caught and sightings have dropped dramatically! If change doesn’t happen soon then many species will simply disappear forever.


Blue Sharks, which used to be a common species throughout the Mediterranean and around the Maltese Islands, have seen their numbers drop by over 90% in the last 10 years alone. This is almost to a point where they will not be able to recover.

Are you visiting Malta or still looking for a good place to spend your holiday?

Malta has many topside attractions, and all divers and snorkellers can help the Sharklab in collecting data about shark and ray sightings and found eggcases. The Sharklab always welcome visitors to the Maltese Islands the opportunity to get involved, and divers can participate in research dives.

Sharklab volunteers give marine awareness talks on the beach, go beachcombing and lead guided snorkeling safaris – these activities are all included on a “Guided Snorkel” , so non-divers can discover exciting marine environments for themselves and gain knowledge of different underwater habitats and the species that live there. Check out the website for a calender of activities or to contact Sharklab about planned events.

Close to shore it is possible to see many species such as the Giant tun mollusc, Common  stingrays, Torpedo rays, Bull rays, Starfish, and many small fish such as bream, wrasse and  scorpion fish.

Go snorkelling with the Sharklab! / Copyright Sharklab Malta 2010

In Maltese waters three species of sharks and eleven species of skate are “Oviparous” producing their young by laying an eggcase (mermaid’s purse) on the seafloor in sea grasses or placed into rock crevices. You can always help by registering empty eggcases or report your sightings under water. Visit the website for more info or to download forms.

Sometimes, juvenile sharks that have developed in the lab are released into the ocean. Watch the video below.

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