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Sharks in Breede River now protected!

A bull shark, one of the shark species in Breede River / © Peter Verhoog, Dutch Shark Society.

Yesterday, the South African Shark Conservancywas pleased to announce that – after 3 years of hard work & lobbying – the Minister of Fisheries from the South African Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries (DAFF) has signed off on the ban to prevent the catching or disturbance of Zambezi (bull) & all other sharks in the Breede River estuary! SASC extends a very special thanks to the public who supported their lobbying efforts & to Dr. Stephen Lamberth (DAFF) for his internal lobbying to ensure the protection of these animals. Illegal targeting of sharks (elasmobranchs) in the river will result in a fine of up to R500 000 or two years imprisonment.

Many congratulations from the Dutch Shark Society. In the last two years, Peter Verhoog and Georgina Wiersma have personally experienced the commitment of project leaders Meaghen McCord and Tamzyn Zweig of SASC.

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