Sharks play an essential rol in the health of our oceans


Sharks need showers too!

Well, not really showers… but they need to be cleaned!

The Australian Marine Conservation Society made an urgent appeal yesterday:

Past the Barrier Reef out in the Coral Sea, in the crystal clear blue of the Osprey Reef, there’s a whole lot of action going on.

There’s a place where big sea creatures go to get clean – where sharks, rays and other big fish converge and get their scales and daggy bits pampered and clipped. Shrimps and small cleaner fish wait with baited breath, and when the crusty sharks and dirty rays swim in, they set to work nibbling their worries away. It’s intriguing and it’s wonderful, but it’s also important. It’s nature at work keeping the seas clean. And we should respect it. And protect it.


The Australian Government has released their draft maps for the Coral Sea. We’re almost there, but this bit’s missing. Please ask the Minister to include it in the final sanctuary areas for the marine park, because sharks need showers too.

You can take action: send a quick letter to Minister Burke here:

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