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Swimming Fast for Sharks!

Todd Cameron is Swimming Fast for Sharks









When Todd Cameron was a kid he spent hours and hours in the pool pretending he was a shark. Sharks have been his passion for a long time. The JAWS films arrived at an impressionable age for him, fueling the fire, and one of the most amazing experiences he had was an opportunity to dive with sharks on his birthday in the Bahamas. Todd became hooked!

From Todd’s website:

Unfortunately, we are all learning that it is the sharks that are now hooked; these animals are hunted in numbers upwards of 100 million a year for their fins which are sold on the Asian markets for big bucks. A bowl of prized shark fin soup (cartilaginous shark fin offers zero nutrition and has no flavour) can sell in excess of $100. Due to this great demand and profits reaching in excess of US $1.2 billion a year, sharks are caught by the hundreds on long-lines (lines up to 150km long with thousands of baited hooks) hauled aboard and after their fins are sliced off and while still alive they are tossed back into the ocean to drown and bleed to death. This can take days… In one year enough long-lines are set out in our oceans to circle the planet 550 times. Essentially one of the oldest, most beautiful and most important species in our largest ecosystem is brutally tortured, maimed, and killed for profit. This barbaric act of ‘finning’ sharks has to stop now. Not just for sharks but for our oceans, our planet, and ultimately us.

In 2010 Todd traveled to Australia for the Whitsunday Swim, a 14.5km crossing from Whitsunday Island to Hamilton Island in an effort to raise awareness for shark conservation, and in 2011 he started totaling all his swim training to span 2300km, the length of the Great Barrier Reef, to help raise funds for Shark Savers, a non-profit foundation.

All the races is Todd participates are dedicated to raising awareness for shark conservation and protection. A wonderful initiative!

You can follow Todd’s progress on:

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