Is The Killer Whale a Shark, Whale, Or Dolphin?

Is The Killer Whale a Shark

With its 3-inch-long teeth and phenomenal hunting skills, the killer whale, or orca, is one of the ocean’s apex predators.  They’re so terrifying that even great white sharks stay well out of their way, abandoning their hunting grounds the moment a killer whale appears.  This predatory behavior aligns them with the shark, while their name … Read more

Do Orca Killer Whales Eat Moose?

Do Orca Killer Whales Eat Moose

Do Orcas eat Moose? The killer whale may not be an actual whale, but it’s definitely a killer. Orcas have been known to kill the largest creature on earth, the blue whale, and even take down one of the ocean’s most significant predators – the great white shark. Is there no end to appetite? With … Read more