How Do Whales Drink Water?

How do Whales Drink Water

Whales are surrounded by water all their lives but have you ever wondered what they do about drinking? How do whales drink water? They are mammals like you and me, and we need at least a couple of liters a day. So what do whales do about drinking water? Do they drink directly from the … Read more

World’s Best Places to go Swimming With Whales

World's Best Places to go Swimming With Whales

Whales are huge, complex creatures that humans seem to find endlessly fascinating. So what better way to discover more about these gentle giants than by joining them in their own habitat? Swimming with whales is an unforgettable experience. Reputable tour operators offering opportunities to swim with whales also ensure that the experience is safe and … Read more

Do Whales Die of Old Age or Drown?

Do Whales Die of Old Age or Drown

Whales play a vital role in our marine ecosystems and continue to do so even after their lives have ended. Do whales die of old age? Whales die for a variety of reasons, including old age. If they fail to reach the surface to breathe, they may even drown. A whale that gets caught in … Read more

Blue Whale vs. Humpback Whale Comparison

Blue Whale vs. Humpback Whale Comparison

The blue and humpback whales may preside over a marine environment today, but they evolved from a land-dwelling creature known as the Pakicetus. This shared ancestry could account for some of their similarities and explain why people occasionally confuse the two species. Are blue whales humpback whales? No. While there are similarities, these are two distinct … Read more

What Is the Biggest Whale in the World?

What is the biggest whale in the world

The largest creatures on earth, whales have fascinated and intimidated humans for hundreds of years. As a result, they’ve been held up as deities and demonized for attacking boats. Over the years, humans have worshipped them as easily as they’ve destroyed them. Fortunately, efforts by the International Whaling Commission (IWC) have helped the world’s whale … Read more