Sharks play an essential rol in the health of our oceans


The new book Sharks of the World, the most comprehensive shark guide!

It was a standard work for shark scientists and lovers already, but the new edition of Sharks of the World, by Sarah Fowler, David Ebert and Leonard Compagno (globally-recognised experts in shark taxonomy, identification, biology and shark conservation policy and status), with the fabulous illustrations by renowned natural history illustrator, Marc Dando – pooling a total of over 100 years of professional engagement in this field is an even better masterpiece!

Sharks of the World is the essential book for everyone interested in sharks. This book is currently the only single guide to cover over 500 of the world’s shark species. It incorporates the most recent taxonomic revisions of many shark families, featuring not only many species that were only described in recent years, but several more that are still awaiting their scientific names.

This new edition contains a number of pictures made by Peter Verhoog, director and photographer of the non-profit organization Dutch Shark Society. For the use of these pics, a donation was made by the authors. This donation will be used for our school presentations (from July 11th onwards!)



Illustrator Marc Dando at work, creating a picture of a Squalus spec.

Its production is timely. Overfishing and the shark fin trade have pushed sharks into the most threatened categories of marine animals. Their depletion has serious implications for the stability of marine ecosystems. Some species are now listed in international environmental agreements, including the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), and they are becoming a management priority for many Regional Fisheries Management Organisations. Implementation of conservation and fisheries management measures, and international trade regulation is impossible without a good identification guide.

The book will be available on July 31st of this year, but The pre-publication offer for Sharks of the World is now open!


Dusky shark, picture by Peter Verhoog / Dutch Shark Society


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