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They’re back! Come visit our rays!

Getting the rays back in!

In the winter months it was too cold to release the young animals in the North Sea. We started releasing again when the water temperature went up ot over 10 degrees Celsius. We now have 250 thornback rays ready to be released.

Tagged thornback ray (Raja clavata)


After they are tagged, they stay at Blue Linked for another week, and are then transported to the oyster pits, where they stay for another two weeks before their final release.

And… you can visit them! The oyster pits have a great jetty and a new info board!
We have chosen to start the trial with sting rays, because the stingray is easily propagated in captivity. The species is not threatened and in parts of the North Sea the species is doing slightly better, but that is mainly off English coast. In the future, we also want to recover species that have virtually disappeared – such as the common skate and the sea angel – in the North Sea.

As a pilot species, the research with the tagged thornback is a preparation for other species.

See for location and map.






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