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Two new ray species discovered in the Amazon

New Amazon ray speciesTwo new species of freshwater stingray have been discovered in the Amazon rain forest.

They both look like pancakeswith noses, as images of the species show. The two “pancake” species belong to the first new stingray genus found in the Amazon region in more than two decades, according to Nathan Lovejoy, a biologist at the University of Toronto in Scarborough, and Marcelo Rodrigues de Carvalho of the University of São Paolo in Brazil.

The names of the species are Heliotrygon gomesi and Heliotrygon rosai, and besides their pancake-like appearance, both rays are big, have slits on their bellies and a tiny spine on their tails.









“It took a considerable amount of time to collect enough specimens to describe the species,” Lovejoy said. “They are uncommon fishes and therefore difficult to obtain.”

Unfortunately, the research team had to compete with international fish exporters for the bigger examples of the fishes.


Below: X-ray of Heliotrygon gomesi, preadult male



Pictures by Ken Jones and David Webber

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